Vehicle Forfeiture

The consequences for a drunk driving arrest go beyond possible jail time and fines. Civil forfeiture of a vehicle is possible. Immediately after an arrest and before any conviction, the police department can take the car you were driving off the road, whether you own it or not.

Forfeiture proceedings are civil actions and separate from the DWI criminal process. The standard of proof is significantly lower. While impounded cars are often returned to defendants, towing, police impound lot charges and other fees still require payment. Additionally, cars cannot be sold until the completion of civil forfeiture proceedings.

Bronx DWI Defense Lawyers At Your Side During Criminal And Civil Proceedings

At Getz & Braverman, P.C., we have comprehensive experience navigating our clients through the civil forfeiture process. We will focus on your best interests throughout the civil and criminal proceedings.

Defenses to civil forfeiture of your car do exist. Actual owners can claim that they were not aware that an impaired driver was operating the vehicle. Defendants can claim that the loss of the car creates an undue hardship. Process-related issues involving untimely filing and inadequate notice by the county can also be factors.

Responsive Representation Following Vehicle Forfeiture

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