Distribution & Sale

At Getz & Braverman, P.C., in the Bronx, we know the stakes involved when our clients face charges of drug possession and trafficking. We take a strategic approach in building strong criminal defenses, countering the tactics of prosecutors and investigators. From the moment we take on your case to the final outcome, we will protect your rights and look out for your best interests.

Getting To The Facts And Fighting For The Best Outcome

Facing charges of possession with intent to sell is a serious legal matter that could lead to significant time in prison. The difference between possession and drug distribution charges involves amounts of drugs, past criminal convictions, use of weapons, or proximity to a park or school. The existence of measuring equipment and significant cash can also lead to distribution charges in addition to possession.

Distribution or sale of drugs is sometimes an "overcharge" when possession of drugs for personal use is a more appropriate criminal charge. While penalties still exist, significant penalties are off the table.

An arrest on drug charges does not mean a conviction for possession with intent to sell is automatic. Our attorneys will protect your rights by getting to the facts surrounding your criminal charge. Various defenses exist. Maybe the drugs do not belong to you as a passenger in your car may have been transporting illegal narcotics without your knowledge. Illegal search and seizure by police - a violation of your constitutional rights - may have played a role in your arrest.

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