Weapons Offenses

Bronx Lawyers Defending You Against Weapons Charges

Punishment for being convicted of a weapons offense in New York has increased in recent years. With rare exception, anyone convicted of a crime involving a loaded firearm will be sentenced to prison.

If you are facing a weapons charge in New York, it is important to discuss your legal options with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Call the Bronx criminal lawyers at Getz & Braverman, P.C., at 718-618-5567. We have a history of success in defending people charged with weapons offenses, including:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Criminal purchase or sale of a firearm
  • Criminal use of a firearm
  • Criminal possession of a weapon

Weapons Are Not Limited To Guns

In the eyes of the law, nearly anything that can be used to harm another person can be a weapon. Authorities aggressively pursue cases involving firearms and other weapons, including:

  • Switchblades, daggers, stilettos, gravity knives
  • Chuka sticks
  • Electronic dart guns (stun guns or Tasers)
  • Metal knuckles
  • Cane sword
  • Billy club, blackjack or bludgeon
  • Shuriken or throwing star

We regularly represent travelers from other states who are licensed to carry weapons in their own states, but not in New York. If they are found with a weapon in their luggage at the airport or after being pulled over on the highway for speeding, they can quickly find themselves in trouble with the law.

Our years of experience in defending clients against weapons charges allow us to manage these cases efficiently. We will work with you directly as we focus on achieving a positive resolution to your case.

To arrange a free initial consultation, please call 718-618-5567 or contact us online.

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