Electrical Accidents On Construction Sites

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Third-Party Liability Claims In Electrical Accidents

A third-party claim is a lawsuit against a party other than your employer for injuries suffered on the job. For a claim like this to be viable, some person or business other than your employer or co-workers has to be in some way a causing factor of the accident that led to your injuries. Examples can include:

  • Negligent wiring from the homeowner or the electricians on the job could lead to a third-party claim against the electrical company.
  • In some cases, electrical accidents result from malfunctioning equipment, which could lead to a third-party claim against the manufacturer.
  • There is a range of other circumstances that could also result in a successful third-party claim.

Whatever the cause of your accident, if there is a claim to be found, our lawyers will find it and we will fight to help you obtain the compensation you need.

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