Drunk Driving Accidents

Compensation For Drunk Driving Accident Injuries

Although everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal and dangerous, drunk driving accidents are a consistent reality. If you have suffered serious injuries or lost someone you love as a result of someone else's drunk driving, justice demands that you do not shoulder the financial burden of medical bills, lost wages and other damages. The person responsible should compensate you for these losses.

At Getz & Braverman, P.C., we represent clients throughout the Bronx, New York, in all types of motor vehicle accidents. With decades of legal experience, we provide personalized care and aggressive representation. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in settlement negotiations, representation against insurance companies and courtroom litigation.

Our attorneys perform extensive research and investigations on drunk driving accident claims and we work with a team of forensic experts when needed to bolster our clients' cases. We will make every effort to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation - not just for the initial medical costs and expenses, but for all of the long-term care you need, the loss of income from being unable to work, loss of quality of life caused by your injuries and the pain and suffering you have endured.

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