Aggressive Representation In Taxi Accident Litigation

The Bronx, and indeed most of New York, has an abundance of taxi cabs, and anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows how recklessly some cabbies drive. If you have been injured or lost someone you love in a motor vehicle accident involving a taxi driver, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your right to full and fair compensation for your losses.

At Getz & Braverman, P.C., our team of attorneys brings decades of combined experience in a range of motor vehicle accident and other personal injury claims, including taxi accidents. We use this experience to provide our clients with honest and accurate case assessments, intelligent litigation strategies and aggressive representation. Our lawyers will do everything possible to help you obtain full and fair compensation.

Aggressive Representation In Taxi Accident Litigation

Taxi cab drivers, the companies they work for and the insurance companies that represent them all have a lot to lose, so they fight these cases aggressively. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights in court. We routinely take on insurance companies, taxi companies and other well-financed entities.

If you have been in an accident with a taxi driver, work with a legal team you know can get you the compensation you deserve.

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