Truck Accidents

NYC Tractor-Trailer Crash Attorneys

When a large commercial truck is in an accident, it's usually not a fender bender. Truck accidents cause extremely serious injuries and fatalities to those in other vehicles.

Many truck accidents are not really accidents at all. They are caused by the negligence of the truck driver, owner or the trucking company. If you were injured in a truck accident, it is important to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer about your rights.

The Bronx truck accident attorneys of Getz & Braverman, P.C., have been helping people in the New York City area receive compensation for damages caused in truck accidents, including those involving:

  • Drunk or drug-impaired drivers
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue (violating hours-of-service regulations)
  • Unlicensed or untrained drivers
  • Speeding or overly aggressive driving
  • Inadequate truck maintenance, including brakes and tires
  • Uneven or poorly tied down loads
  • Lack of proper safety equipment
  • Failure to adhere to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards

Truck companies and their insurers know that accidents are just part of doing business in the trucking industry. They will do everything they can to reduce their costs by minimizing the amount of money they pay to injured people.

Our lawyers will work diligently to maximize the amount of financial compensation you receive. We will study the police reports and obtain data from the truck's "black box" data recorder, when possible. If necessary, we will hire an accident reconstructionist to determine exactly what caused the accident. Then we will hold those who caused your injuries financially accountable.

There is no charge to learn how we can help. To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our Bronx truck accident attorneys, please call Getz & Braverman, P.C., today at 718-618-5567 or toll free at 877-419-3070, or contact us online.

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