Burn Injuries

NYC Fire And Explosion Accident Lawyers

Any medical professional will tell you that burns are some of the most painful types of injury a person can suffer. Tissue damage can be severe, and the risk of complications from infection is always a concern. Even with the best of medical care, people with serious burns are often left with serious scarring and disfigurement.

The attorneys of Getz & Braverman, P.C., in the Bronx, help people throughout New York who have been seriously burned because of the negligence of another person or organization. We seek financial compensation for clients who have sustained all types of burns, including those involving:

  • Fire and flame: If you were injured in a fire in your home, we will review the NYPD's investigation into the cause of the fire.
  • Scalds: We have frequently represented people who were burned by scalding hot water in kitchen or bathroom fixtures and from radiators that boil over.
  • Electrical burns: We represent clients who were burned by contact with electricity on the job or elsewhere.
  • Chemical burns: Exposure to caustic chemicals, from household cleaners to industrial chemicals, can cause dangerously serious burns, as well as injury from inhaling fumes.
  • Thermal burns: Contact with hot objects is a significant cause of burn injuries.
  • Explosions: Burn injuries from explosions are often complicated by injuries related to impact.

We will take action to see that you obtain compensation for the full extent of your injuries and other losses, including the costs of medical treatment and physical and psychological therapy.

To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our Bronx burn injury lawyers, please call Getz & Braverman, P.C., today at 718-618-5567 or toll free at 877-419-3070, or contact us online. Our law firm represents clients throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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