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Handling Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Cases In The Bronx

Bronx Personal Injury Law Blog

Who is considered at fault for a rear-end collision?

Though rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car accidents in New York, they can easily lead to serious injuries. If you have suffered injuries or substantial property damage during such an accident, you may have a case for seeking financial compensation from the driver considered at fault. When considering this route, it is important to understand how New York personal injury law pertains to your case. 

Various circumstances could come into play when determining the fault of a rear-end crash, including:

Losses associated with pedestrian accidents may be compensable

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, every year across the United States, thousands of individuals suffer injuries or lose their lives in auto-pedestrian collisions. A great number of pedestrian accidents also occur due to property defects. Whether you have been injured or lost a loved one in either type of incident, according to the state of New York, you may seek compensation for any losses you have experienced.

Statute of limitations lapse may cause you to lose compensation

After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, the first thoughts on your mind likely involve getting medical treatment and working on your recovery. Getting the proper attention could make a considerable difference when it comes to the lasting effects that your injuries could cause. Understandably, other issues surrounding the injury-causing accident may get pushed to the wayside for a period of time.

Of course, the suffered injuries may lead to other hardships that also need attention. Medical bills and lost income due to time away from work could easily result in your facing financial struggles that create a greater burden on your life. When such issues present themselves, you may begin thinking about potentially seeking compensation from the individual or individuals considered at fault for your accident. However, you need to ensure that you take such action before the filing time period ends.

Leaving your past criminal convictions in the past


If you faced a conviction for a crime in New York, you have dealt with the fines, time behind bars and other penalties that accompanied it. Once you have repaid your debt to society, you are ready to move on, but you may be surprised to learn that your past mistake can continue to impact various areas of your life.

This is certainly frustrating, but you may be able to take legal steps to keep your conviction in the past where it belongs. You have the right to work with an attorney to explore your option to have your criminal record sealed.

Road rage: It's real, and it's dangerous!


What makes a driver use his or her vehicle as a weapon of anger and aggression against other motorists? From verbal assaults and rude gestures to physical threats and erratic driving maneuvers, road rage is one of the most extreme forms of dangerous driving in New York and throughout the nation today.

Whether you're already stressed out navigating rush hour traffic in the Bronx or you're merely trying to get to a particular restaurant to meet your spouse or friends for an evening meal, the last thing you need is to be taunted, provoked and placed at risk by an out-of-control, angry driver.

Holidays a dangerous time to travel

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year in New York where families and friends come together to celebrate. Of course the flipside of that coin is that there are many people who feel left out, perhaps because they have few family or friends or are unable to travel to be with them. Either it way it can mean a lot of heightened emotions where people go beyond their usual norms when comes to drinking alcohol.

This kind of revelry can be a dangerous if not downright lethal mix if driving is involved. This is only furthered by the fact that our busy winter roads can be more treacherous as snow and ice cover the roadways.

Sleep-deprived drivers are twice as likely to cause accidents

Americans are notoriously overworked and under rested. Experts say that we should get at least eight hours of sleep per night, but that is unlikely for many people. Unfortunately our devaluation of sleep leads to dangerous repercussions when we get behind the wheel.

The less sleep that people get, the more likely it is that they will get in a car accident. A new report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that drivers who get less than seven hours of sleep in a 24 hour period are twice as likely to get in an accident.

Trust Your Gut


"If You See Something Say Something"

You've seen the signs at the airport or your local subway station. This works very well in terms of transportation security but, when it comes to protecting family members in nursing care or other vulnerable adults, it's more about feeling than seeing. 

Call it your "gut", "women's intuition" or just a healthy skepticism about what is going on around you. The bottom line is that if you think something is wrong, chances are you're right. 

Put The Phone Down: 3 Reasons Not To Call An Attorney


No one thinks it will ever happen to them, but statistics show that most people will be involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident in their lifetime. Many of these accidents result in injury.

Do you know what to do in the event of an accident that leaves you or a passenger injured?One of the first things many people do is get in touch with a personal injury attorney.

Is that really necessary?
You tell us. But first, here are three reasons to put the phone down and not get a personal injury lawyer involved in the aftermath of an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions Personal Injury In New York City

    • Q: I've been injured — now what? A: First, see an experienced doctor. Your injuries should be taken care of before you even consider making a claim against someone for causing them. Make sure you are receiving top-quality health care. Keep all information from medical visits — good records of your injury and your treatments are vital for your case if you decide to pursue legal action. Then, call us to schedule your free consultation.
    • How long can I wait before I file a claim for my personal injury? You should seek help with your claim immediately. Depending on the state you live in, most cases must be filed within four years of the accident, but the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you build a strong legal claim. If you've been denied Social Security or disability benefits, your appeal must be filed soon after you receive your denial notification. Call us for assistance and an assessment of your case.
    • I was in an accident without insurance. Can you help me? We would need to assess your case. Our assessment might lead us to conclude that the vehicle you were driving was at fault, or perhaps the road conditions were hazardous. We would also need to assess all of the claims against you as the alleged negligent driver. Call us today for your free assessment.
    • A giant commercial truck/semi hit me, and I was injured/my children were injured/other people in my car were injured. What can I do? Large trucking companies have teams of lawyers at the ready to help them minimize payment or avoid paying you for the damage their driver caused you. You need to call us to help you get what you deserve from the company for your injuries, pain and suffering, damage to your vehicle, and any injuries to people riding in your car. To protect your rights, an independent investigation must be executed as soon as possible.
    • If I get hurt on the job, what should I do? Tell your supervisor or someone in your human resources department immediately, and then get help with your injuries. It's imperative that you file a report about the accident with your employer, or you may be denied any disability or workers' compensation benefits for your injuries. Then, file your workers' compensation documents according to your company's guidelines. If you are turned down, give us a call to get your case assessed. We'll help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries on the job.
    • What should I do if I was injured on a construction site? You should take the same steps as anyone injured at any other job. File an injury report and file for workers' compensation benefits. If you are denied benefits or mistreated by your employer, contact our law firm immediately. Also, contact us immediately if your injury might have been caused by a party other than your employer such as a product manufacturer or another party on a construction site. You might have an underlying personal injury claim.
    • If medical treatment was unsuccessful or caused my condition to worsen, do I have a medical malpractice case? Not all instances of poor medical outcomes are medical malpractice. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney about your specific circumstances.
    • If injured in a police misconduct/brutality incident, what should be done? Get names of witnesses. Take photos of injuries. Get immediate professional medical attention. Contact our Bronx-based police brutality attorney today.
    • What actions should I NOT take when speaking with a police officer? Don't say, "I know my rights," "I'm going to file a complaint/sue" or "I pay your salary." Don't resist or fight if you're going to be arrested even if the cop is wrong, or he or she doesn't tell you why.
    • What should you do in the event of police misconduct/brutality? Note the date, time and location of the incident. Note — but do not ask for — the name, badge or car number of the officers involved. Note the physical description of the officers.
    • What should you do when confronted by a police officer? Stay calm and be courteous. Don't be rude or curse at the officer. Take off your headset or turn down your music. If asked, give your name and address. You don't have to answer any other questions. Tell the officer(s) that you would like to exercise your right to attorney representation.
    • Contact a civil rights attorney or group immediately. If criminally charged, don't speak until you've consulted a defense attorney. What steps should be taken after experiencing police misconduct/brutality?
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